05 december 2010

9th IST ASIA PACIFIC MEETING on Animal, Plant and Microbial Toxins

On behalf of the International Society on Toxinology (IST) we are pleased to announce the
9th IST Asia Pacific Meeting on Animal, Plant and Microbial Toxins in Vladivostok,
Russia on September 4Ц8, 2011.

The Congress Program will focus on the following main topics:
Toxin Structure and Mode of Action
Proteomics and Genomics
Bioactive Substance from the Sea (Marine Toxins)
Drug Development
Clinical Toxinology
Toxins Miscellaneous

The Congress will be hosted by Vladivostok, the largest city of the Russian Far East and, of course, one of the most interesting and remarkable cities of Russia. Lying on the border between the mountains and the taiga, this area was home for Amur tigers for centuries. Even now you might encounter tigers in the woods near Vladivostok.

Nowadays, Vladivostok is among the ten most prospective cities of the world, as determined by the special UNESCO Commission. What could be even of more interest for the potential attendees of our Congress, Vladivostok has become a centre of marine biotechnology and biological research in Russia.

Welcome to Vladivostok Ц a city where the morning of Russia begins! If you happen to see this city once, you will remember it forever.

Congress web site: www.ap-ist.org

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