16 march 2018

The 3rd International Symposium on Life Sciences

On September 4-8, 2018 G.B. Elyakov Pacific Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Far-Eastern Branch, the Russian Academy of Sciences (PIBOC) organizes THE 3rd INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON LIFE SCIENCES

It will be held on September 4-8, 2018, in Vladivostok, Russia. 

Topics are structured in three sessions:

  • Natural Products
  • Biotechnology
  • Molecular Immunology

Satellite Symposium “KORUS-2018” will be also organized. 

Organizing Committee: 
Valentin Stonik - Chairman, PIBOC, Russia 
Dmitriy Aminin - PIBOC, Russia 
Maxim Kokoulin - PIBOC, Russia 
Oleg Chernikov - PIBOC, Russia 
Valeriya Kurilenko - PIBOC, Russia 
Mikhail Kusaykin - PIBOC, Russia 
Darya Tarbeeva - PIBOC, Russia 

Elena Vasilieva - PIBOC, Russia 
Natalie Ivanchina - PIBOC, Russia 
Natalie Shepetova - PIBOC, Russia 

International Scientific Committee: 
Valentin Stonik - Chairman, PIBOC, Russia 
Rita Bernhardt - Saarland University, Saarbruecken, Germany. 
Jong-Young Kwak - Ajou University, Suvon, Republic of Korea 
Jin Han - Inje University, Busan, Republic of Korea 
Pham Quoc Long - Institute of Natural Products Chemistry, Hanoi, Vietnam 
Li Wei - Dalian Fisheries University, Dalian, China 
Sergey Fedoreev - PIBOC, Vladivostok, Russia 
Natalia Mischenko - PIBOC, Vladivostok, Russia 
Valeriy Mikhailov - PIBOC, Vladivostok, Russia 
Margarita Monastyrnaya - PIBOC, Vladivostok, Russia 
Olga Novikova - PIBOC, Vladivostok, Russia 
Viktoria Davydova - PIBOC, Vladivostok, Russia 
Marina Isaeva - PIBOC, Vladivostok, Russia 

Symposium Secretariat 
G.B. Elyakov Pacific Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Far-Eastern Branch, the Russian Academy of Sciences, 690022, Vladivostok-22, RUSSIA. E-mail: piboc@bk.ru

Please contact: 
Mikhail Kusaykinmik@piboc.dvo.ru 
Natalie Shepetovapiboc@bk.ru 

Key dates 
  • The registration form should be submitted before May 31, 2018 
  • Deadline for the abstract submission is June 1, 2018. Your earlier registration with the title of the presentation is greatly appreciated 
  • Deadline for cancellation is July 1, 2018 
Registration fee 
The registration fee is 200 USD and includes bag, all materials, welcome and close parties.


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